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The Tradesman Spun Plug is designed to fit inside or outside the end of pipe to stop airflow.


One-piece construction
Big end and small end all in one fitting.


Made in Canada
100% Laser Cut for Accuracy
Made to fit Tradesman pipe

Manufactured big end or small end.

Optional Construction

304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Satin Coat

Available Sizes

Product CodeX (in)Y (in)Box Qty
SPP/00044″ SE4″ BE20
SPP/00055″ SE5″ BE20
SPP/00066″ SE6″ BE20
SPP/00077″ SE7″ BE20
SPP/00088″ SE8″ BE20
SPP/00099″ SE9″ BE20
SPP/001010″ SE10″ BE20
SPP/001212″ SE12″ BE15
SPP/001414″ SE14″ BE15
SPP/001616″ SE16″ BE15


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