OEM Services

Tradesman Manufacturing provides OEM Services for all of your manufacturing needs.

OEM Services

Professional OEM Parts & Service

Design Assistance

Our team can assist you to develop and analyze your next project, whether it is a custom piece or prototype to a small or large production run.

• CAD services
• Design Assistance
• Manufacturability and processing consulting
• Apply LEAN principles to product development


Tradesman Employee Forming New HVAC Parts

State of the Art Forming & Assembly

We excel in high quality precise forming and assembly offering innovative solutions in complex parts.

• Multiple Automatic and manual continuous seam welders
• Spot welding
• MIG, TIG, and ARC welding
• Clinching machines
• Multiple riveting processes
• Sealing and soldering
• Collaring, flanging and flaring
• Multiple rolling machines, manual and automatic

Tradesman's Forming & Cutting Machines

Cut & Bend

Multiple manual and automated cutting and forming capabilities based on your specific needs.

CNC laser cutting
o Material thickness .010” – 1”
o Sheet size up to 60” x 120”
o Etching

CNC Punching
o Material thickness .010” – .075”
o Up to 48” wide, coil fed
o Multiple forming tooling

CNC Bending
o Up to 12’ long
o Assorted tooling
o High output robotic bending cells for complex folding
• Assorted punching machines for multiple sizes and shapes holes

Machine forming HVAC Spiral Pipes

Spiral Seam Pipe

We have several types of spiral machines for different applications

• Round diameters – 3” to 120”
• Material gauges – 28 gauge (.018”) to 14 gauge (.074”)
• Materials include galvanized, galvalume, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and PVC coated
• Custom perforated punch line that can produce multiple hole sizes and patterns as well as gauges for perforated spiral
• Smooth or corrugated
• Processing to manipulate into rectangular (in slab) or oval applications
• Spiral 90- and 45-degree elbows
o Round diameters – 4” to 18”
o Material gauges – 26 gauge (.020”) to 24 gauge (.024”)

Machine Spinning Metal for HVAC Parts

Metal spinning

We offer high quality CNC metal spinning to make cones, cylinders and parts in a variety of different materials.

• Blank diameter – Max 1000MM
• Length – Max 1200MM
• Material thickness – Max 5MM

Rolls of Steel

Materials and Handling

We work with a variety of different types of materials. Thickness ranging from .010” – 1” (depending on material)

• Cold and hot rolled
• Galvanized and galvalume
• Stainless Steel in various types and finishes
• Copper
• Aluminum

We can handle and package as per your specifications.
• Overhead crane capacity to 30,000LBS
• Palletization and shrink wrapping
• Several sizes of cartons
• Logistic planning

Old Milling Machine Dials
Maintenance Shop

In house maintenance shop to keep machinery in excellent working shape with minimal down time

• Maintenance scheduling program
• Machining equipment such as mills and turning centers
• Machine specific consumables and critical parts on hand
• Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical experts on staff
• Automation

Tradesman Employee working on a HVAC Part


• Traceability
• Leak testing
• Compliance capabilities to many standards

OEM Fabrication Services for a Wide Range of Industries Serviced by Tradesman MFG

  • Agricultural
  • Architectural
  • Construction
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Institutional
  • Mining
  • HVAC
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Custom
  • Welding

Secondary Containment Solutions with TCA

Tradesman is happy to provide secondary containment solutions with TCA (The Containment Answer).

Visit The Containment Answer’s Website to inquire or learn more!

Polyethylene Liners

Geomembranes provide a barrier function to protect the environment and contain liquids.

Geotextile Materials

Geotextiles are used for filtration and stabilization by allowing the free flow of water while preventing soil movement.

Installation and Project Planning

Professional containment installers are on-site to ensure proper installation and testing. We can also offer guidance to ensure the proper materials are selected and fit to order.


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