misting systems Florida

Some misting systems in Florida are actually designed for drier climates and result in a damper environment without actually doing a lot to cool off the air. With our well-designed misters from Cool-Off, you can effectively beat the heat, even in humid climates like those in Florida and South Texas. If you’re looking at misting systems for sale online, make sure you purchase your set-up from a reputable supplier that fully understands your misting needs. You can speak one-on-one with our experts from Cool-Off by phone if you have any questions about our ourdoor water misting equipment.

8 Affordable Products To Keep Your Family Cool All Summer Long

1. Cool-Off’s line-up of the best water cooling systems includes our patio mister that is designed exclusively for your patio space. Check out current discounts on all of our patio misting systems, including our mid-pressure misting system kit with stainless tubing.

2. High-pressure kits are the best misting systems for commercial applications, such as cafes, outdoor restaurants, warehouses, and entranceways to hotels and resorts. At Cool-Off, we have many sizes to choose from, with 100% customization available.

3. Choose one of our portable misting systems for on-the-go relief from the intense summer heat; our portable misters go wherever you go, even over rough terrain.

4. Are you looking for dual respite from the heat and sun’s rays when out-of-doors? Consider Mister Brella, our best-selling misting umbrella, for relaxation under cool mist and shade. Mister Brella is available as a single, double, triple, or quad protection.

5. Build a do-it-yourself misting set-up from water misting accessories and parts from our Web store. Some of the best misting systems in Florida are those designed and crafted by our customers; a custom mister could also save you money while keeping you cool.

6. Consider one of our inflatable misting tents when you need to offer relief from the summer heat for a group, team, or large gathering. Everyone will love spending time under our Cool-Off Misting Arch, Sports Misting Tent, Mist Zone, or Mist Tunnel. Prices on mist inflatables are very affordable- up to 50% off, currently.

7. Enjoy superior protection from the sun and wind with one of our portable cabanas from Cool-Off. Pool, resort, and beach cabanas make spending time outdoors more comfortable for everyone and provide a place to take refuge from intense UV rays.

8. Along with some of the best misting systems in Florida, Cool-Off is home to a wide selection of residential and commercial use umbrellas to meet your every need. Whatever size or style you’re looking for, you’ll find it in our Umbrella section online.

Feel free to contact a Cool-Off product specialist if you need assistance finding the right product for your home or commercial location. Simply click the ‘Ask the Experts’ link at the top of any Web page or call 800-504-6478 to discuss your shade and misting needs with us. Review free resources on our site, as well, including install guides on every product we carry.

misting systems Florida

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