Why are more HVAC Engineers are Switching to Tradesman HVAC Products?

by | Oct 3, 2023 | HVAC Manufacturing, HVAC Suppliers

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HVAC engineers usually work for a consulting or design company that works directly with clients to design new or replacement HVAC heating and cooling systems in buildings such as hotels, condominiums, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, and more. They typically focus their work on air quality, environmental concerns, noise issues, and overall energy efficiency in the building. If they didn’t complete jobs like this, our air quality in the building would be poor, and it could create a huge amount of noise if it isn’t done properly. 

When HVAC engineers begin to build blueprints, they look at what kind of provider is going to supply the HVAC products that are put into the blueprint, which will translate into the final HVAC system that will be running in the building. In many cases, there are pain points that HVAC engineers consider when they choose a supplier. Some of those pain points include:

  • What is the overall quality of the HVAC product?
  • Engineers can’t find the specifications or designs of the HVAC products
  • How good is the customer service of the HVAC supplier in the process of ordering?
  • Are the HVAC suppliers able to provide enough of the HVAC products to build the design?
  • How long will shipping/backorders be mitigated so that delivery is on time?

When it comes to the quality of HVAC products, we do not cut corners. Tradesman Manufacturing has been building HVAC products since 1986. It’s only with that amount of experience and time that can generate HVAC products of high quality, durability, and great fire safety ratings. We even have many of our products available with rolled hems to provide added safety, especially when the HVAC system is exposed around young children. Many children end up playing with the opening vents on HVAC systems, which can cut their fingers. Knowing this, we planned to have rolled hems be an option for added safety. 

Engineers and contractors, from our experience, have told us that getting dimensions or design information for HVAC products have slowed down their ability to design and prepare for ordering the HVAC systems. This can cause extra stress for a whole project! We at Tradesman strive to provide as much information as possible to our customers, to the point where we have added all specification sheets for our available products directly online to download at any convenience. Ready to make a change? Check out our nearest dealer or book a meeting to become a dealer with Tradesman Manufacturing today! 

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