Building Efficiency with Tradesman’s New Laser Cutting Machine

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Ductwork, HVAC Manufacturing, HVAC Suppliers

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Tradesman Manufacturing is pleased to announce that they have purchased a new laser cutting machine along with a Quick Cell Loader to help with increasing production of their superior quality products. In this blog, we will discuss the features that are included in the new machine and why they are a benefit for dealers and customers of Tradesman products!

Creating Better Products Efficiently with the Optiplex Champion 3015 Fiber

Created by Mazak Optonics Corp, Tradesman has recently acquired the Optiplex Champion 3015 Fiber. The Optiplex Champion 3015 fiber is a fiber laser that can cut much faster than our previous laser machines. This means that the speed on thicker gauged materials is much more efficient. This machine was designed for production environments where changeovers would be seen much less, but there is an added benefit for this model of laser machine that comes in their Quick Cell Automated Stacker.

The Quick Cell Automated Stacker: Saving Power, and Time

The Quick Cell Automated Stacker is an addition to the Optiplex Champion 3015 Fiber that allows for automated loading and unloading drive systems. This helps reduce the overall changeover of materials over time, which means less downtime, and more uptime for fabricating HVAC products. Another added benefit of this tower is the ability to stack various materials without having to spend time switching out the materials manually. Ultimately, this creates a system with minimal handling and better production.

How does this contribute to the environment?

Another added benefit of the new laser cutting machine is that it requires substantially less power than the past models of laser machines currently being used. A reduction in electricity means that the machine can run longer. This also means that our environmental impact is much less. We strive to reduce our footprint where possible, and this was another opportunity to do so. This also allows Tradesman Manufacturing to stay competitive with pricing against other metal manufacturing companies.

See how the process works below:

You can check out Mazak’s Video on the New Laser Machine Here

What does this mean for Tradesman Dealers and Customers?

It means exactly what you’re thinking. Better products, more efficiency, more stock, and pricing that stays competitive! Tradesman Manufacturing can now greatly increase the production and availability of Tradesman Manufacturing’s products so that the dealers can provide the best for their customers. We could do this AND decrease our environmental footprint. With the new machine in operation, Tradesman will be able to provide more timely deliveries.

Want to know more about Tradesman?

Tradesman Manufacturing supplies the best in HVAC products including slab duct, plenum, furnace stands, and more! We are firm believers in safety, quality, and communication. If you have any questions involving becoming a dealer or locating a dealer of Tradesman products near you, shoot us an email at [email protected] or by completing our contact form online on our website.

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