Tradesman Furnace Stands can help Protect Your Furnace

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Furnace Stands, HVAC Knowledge, HVAC Manufacturing

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Many BC towns were flooded with water when mass flooding occurred. This drove people out of homes and caused massive flood damage to homes and businesses throughout southern British Columbia. If you are waiting on an insurance claim for your furnace system, which most likely, if damaged, was destroyed by the flooding, we want you to consider purchasing one of our Tradesman Furnace Stands. 

Why would we consider a Tradesman Furnace Stand?

Insurance companies have acknowledged our Furnace Stand as a saving grace for furnaces. The primary reason for the reduction in damages from flooding is that the furnace stand elevates the furnace off of the ground by up to 14 inches! Considering that an inch of water can signal replacement, this may be your product. This can keep your furnace safe from any forms of water, and insurance companies that may work with installation businesses, feel more assured when only the furnace stand would require replacing after water damage. Another great benefit of installing our furnace stand is that working on the furnace becomes much easier when you don’t have to work on your hands and knees with that added elevation. The cost of the furnace stand is much more cost-effective than replacing a whole furnace. Having to struggle with waiting on insurance is already a pain when you need to replace many different things in your home. This furnace stand can save you money and effort and keep more money in your pocket.

What other benefits does a Tradesman Furnace Stand provide? 

The great thing about furnace stands is the versatility and ease of use that come with it. Once the furnace stand is installed, it makes changing the furnace itself much easier because of the extra elevated 14 inches. Also, with the furnace stand, the flow of air changes. When you have a standard furnace installed, the air comes in through the side of the furnace and changes directions with a fan inside the furnace, and it pushes the air up into the duct. The air comes in from the bottom with our furnace stand and flows up the unit and into the duct. This makes your furnace work more effectively. The furnace stand stops you from also having to cut into the furnace for airflow. Our furnace stands come with a return air elbow and furnace filter rack installed, which reduces the number of parts needed to get the furnace going. 

Fast Replacements for Piece-Work Model Insurers

Sometimes damage does happen anyway. When it does, it often means having to replace the entire furnace unit. This isn’t just time-consuming, but it’s also hurtful to our environment. Some insurance companies work with installation businesses with a piece-work model. When working with a fixed price for each installation or replacement, less time spent means more profit (for the installer or the insurer). Instead of replacing the entire furnace, Tradesman furnace stands are a separate piece that can be replaced in the event of damage. That means more efficiency and less waste!

Where can I get a Tradesman Furnace Stand?

Getting a furnace stand is as easy as finding a dealer of Tradesman Products. Our dealers are all over Canada and the United States and are happy to provide you with our superior products. If you are interested in finding a dealer, we can point you in the right direction. Our Find a Dealer link can show you where our dealers are located. Reaching out to one of them can get you a new furnace stand that will impress you and your insurance company and provide peace of mind in case of another flooding. We are here to help! 

If you have any questions about the furnace stand or any of our other Tradesman products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form or call us at 888-281-8040. 

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