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The Tradesman Tee and Wye Cushion is used to provide an outlet from a heat run to a diffuser.


Made of 24GA to 26GA galvanized.


Made in Canada
Made to fit Tradesman snaplock, spiral, or flexible pipe.

Built-in plugged end to optimize static pressure and eliminate the need to seal a separate plug.

Optional Construction

Custom sizes available upon request to suit any and all applications.

Optional stainless, aluminum, or satin coat.

Contact Tradesman Manufacturing for availability, pricing, and lead time.

Available Sizes

Product Code Body Diameter (Y) Box Qty
CUS/0004/26 4 MTO
CUS/0005/26 5 MTO
CUS/0006/26 6 16
CUS/0007/26 7 MTO
CUS/0008/26 8 40
CUS/0009/26 9 MTO
CUS/0010/26 10 30
CUS/0012/26 12 MTO


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