Wall Cap

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The Tradesman Wall Cap with damper provides an outlet to vent dryer or bathroom exhaust air to the outside.


Made of Galv or choice of four pre-painted colours.


Made in Canada

Includes damper to keep birds and rodents out.
Made with 1" straight section at the top for easy exterior finishing.

Optional Construction

304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel

Available Sizes

Product CodeA x B (in)C (in)D (in)Carton Qty
FAH/0003/xx4″ x 2.375″8″3″50
FAH/0004/xx5″ x 2.5″8″4″32
FAH/0005/xx6″ x 3″9″5″20
FAH/0006/xx7″ x 3.5″10.25″6″14
FAH/0007/xx8″ x 4.5″9″7″8
FAH/0008/xx9″ x 5″9″8″7
FAH/0010/xx11″ x 6″8.75″10″4
FAH/0012/xx13″ x 7.25″8.75″12″2
FAH/0014/xx15″ x 8.375″8.75″14″2


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