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The Tradesman spiral pipe is used for attaching round pipe to square duct.


Made of 26GA to 28GA galvanized.
Dovetail connection with bead.


Made big end or small end.

Optional Construction

Custom sizes and gauges available upon request to suit any and all applications.
Optional damper installed.

Available Sizes

Product Code Diameter Box Qty
TAP/x004/28 4″ 50
TAP/x005/28 5″ 80
TAP/x006/28 6″ 40
TAP/x007/28 7″ 30
TAP/x008/26 8″ 20
TAP/x009/26 9″ N/A
TAP/x010/26 10″ 18
TAP/x012/26 12″ 20
TAP/x014/26 14″ N/A
TAP/x016/24 16″ 10
TAP/x018/24 18″ N/A
TAP/x020/24 20″ N/A
TAP/x022/24 22″ N/A
TAP/x024/24 24″ N/A


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