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The Tradesman Drive Cleat is used to join sections of square duct on high pressure systems where more reinforcement is required.


Made of 24GA – 26GA galvanized.


Made in Canada

Made to fit any slip and drive connection.

Optional Construction

304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel

Available Sizes

Product Code Y (in) X (in) Gauge Carton/Bundle/Skid Qty
STC/0001/24 120″ 1″ 24 100’/BDL 2000’/Skid
STC/0001/26 120″ 1″ 26 100’/BDL 2000’/Skid
STC/0012/24 120″ 0.5″ 24 100’/BDL 3000’/Skid
STC/0012/26 120″ 0.5″ 26 100’/BDL 3000’/Skid
STC/1208/26 96″ 0.5″ 26 80’/BDL 2400’/Skid