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The Tradesman Gooseneck is used for exhaust or intake through a roof.


Made of 30GA galvanized or painted metal.
Includes nailing plate.


Optional rough-in plate for underside of roof.
Available in galv, black, charcoal. white, or grey.

Optional Construction

Custom sizes and gauges available upon request to suit any and all applications.
Optional stainless, aluminum, or satin coat.
Made with or without screen and/or damper.

Available Sizes

Product CodeDim.ColourApplication (Screen/Damper)Box Qty.
GNN/0006/306″GalvIntake (Screen)18
GNN/0006/BL6″BlackIntake (Screen)18
GNN/0006/BR6″BrownIntake (Screen)18
GNN/0006/GR6″GreyIntake (Screen)18
GNN/0006/WH6″WhiteIntake (Screen)18
GNN/0007/307″GalvIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0007/BL7″BlackIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0007/BR7″BrownIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0007/GR7″GreyIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0007/WH7″WhiteIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0008/308″GalvIntake (Screen)8
GNN/0008/BL8″BlackIntake (Screen)8
GND/0006/306″GalvExh (Damper)18
 GND/0006/BL6″BlackExh (Damper)18
 GND/0006/BR6″BrownExh (Damper)18
 GND/0006/GR6″GreyExh (Damper)18
GND/0006/WH6″WhiteExh (Damper)18
GND/0007/307″GalvExh (Damper)8
GND/0007/BL7″BlackExh (Damper)8
GND/0007/BR7″BrownExh (Damper)8
GND/0007/GR7″GreyExh (Damper)8
GND/0007/WH7″WhiteExh (Damper)8
GND/0008/308″GalvExh (Damper)8
GND/0008/WH8″WhiteExh (Damper)8


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