Elbow 90º

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The Tradesman Elbow is designed to change duct direction either vertically or horizontally 90º.


Made of 26GA – 28GA galvanized.


Made in Canada
Made to fit Tradesman duct.

Smooth seam for optimal airflow.

Optional Construction

Custom sizes available upon request to suit any and all applications.

Available Sizes

Product CodeLarge Dimension

Shortway/ Longway

Box Qty.
ENL/0808/288″ x 8″Longway5
ENL/0810/288″ x 10″Longway5
ENL/0812/288″ x 12″Longway5
ENL/0814/288″ x 14″Longway5
ENL/0816/288″ x 16″Longway5
ENL/0818/288″ x 18″Longway5
ENL/0820/268″ x 20″Longway5
ENL/0822/268″ x 22″Longway1
ENL/0824/268″ x 24″Longway1
ENL/1010/2810″ x 10″Longway5
ENL/1012/2810″ x 12″Longway5
ENL/1014/2810″ x 14″Longway5
ENL/1016/2810″ x 16″Longway5
ENL/1018/2810″ x 18″Longway5
ENL/1020/2610″ x 20″ Longway5
ENL/1022/2610″ x 22″Longway1
ENL/1024/2610″ x 24″Longway1
ENS/0310/303″ x 10″Shortway5
ENS/0808/288″ x 8″Shortway5
ENS/0810/288″ x 10″Shortway5
ENS/0812/288″ x 12″Shortway5
ENS/0814/288″ x 14″Shortway5
ENS/0816/288″ x 16″Shortway5
ENS/0818/288″ x 18″Shortway5
ENS/0820/268″ x 20″Shortway5
ENS/0822/268″ x 22″Shortway5
ENS/0824/268″ x 24″Shortway5
ENS/1010/2810″ x 10″Shortway5
ENS/1012/2810″ x 12″Shortway5
ENS/1014/2810″ x 14″Shortway5
ENS/1016/2810″ x 16″Shortway5
ENS/1018/2610″ x 18″Shortway5
ENS/1020/2610″ x 20″Shortway5
ENS/1022/2610″ x 22″Shortway5
ENS/1024/2610″ x 24″Shortway5
ENS/1224/2612″ x 24″Shortway5


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