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There are many heating options to choose from but purchasing a new boiler in Calgary gives your home an efficient and consistent source. This is by design. Companies such as DHL Mechanical are ready to assist you in finding and installing the right boler for your home.

Types of Heating Systems

There are two major types of heating systems. These are central and forced air systems.

These systems offer different benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the right system for your home means balancing your budget and desired level of comfort. In this climate, it is not a good idea to sacrifice quality for cost.

Why should I buy a boiler?

Canadian winters are cold. Calgary, situated on the harsh shield at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, sees temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celsius.


  • Offer cost effective heating
  • Last longer than forced air systems
  • Offer even and powerful warmth

Such harsh and often snowy winters necessitate finding a powerful heating solution. Consistent heat makes the difference between misery and comfort.

What are the drawbacks of forced air systems?

Forced air systems are less expensive than central heating systems composed of boilers. They cost as little as $1000.

That price comes at a cost. Forced air systems last 15 years compared to the 20 years a boiler lasts. Since these systems take in air from the home, they require more money to operate and are less likely to provide comfortable heat.

Forced air systems also heat less evenly. Both types of system must use a heat source to warm the air. The colder air of a forced air system leads to more loss over greater distances.

Which type of boiler should I buy?

There are several different types of boilers. Where steam was the only option as recently as the 20th century, electric and natural gas boilers proliferate today.

No matter which choice you make, a boiler works with water. However, steam is often more problematic as it creates condensation and pressure. They are also less efficient than hot-water boilers since they require higher temperatures to operate. 

There are benefits and detriments to both types of equipment. Hot-water boilers provide slightly less heat as they operate at lower temperatures. This is less likely to make a difference in Calgary though.

Making a Boiler Last

Heating maintenance is imperative no matter which type of system you have. Furnaces that heat water deal with extremely hot coils or combustible fuel. This causes expansion and contraction.

Call a boiler repair company every year before winter to ensure that you are ready to take on a harsh winter. Regular maintenance includes replacing broken parts, filters, and fixing damaged pipes.

Where can I buy a new boiler in Calgary?

Once you decide to make the leap to a new boiler in Calgary, finding a reputable company to install your new heating system is important.

DHL Mechanical is ready to help. Our professionals can help throughout the life of your equipment. Install an efficient and powerful heating system. Get in touch with us today.

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