misting systems Las Vegas

You may have seen home or business owners using misting systems in Las Vegas to beat the dry heat and wondered about the costs of cooling off your own outdoor spaces with refreshing mist. Cool-Off can make it easy and affordable for you to get set up with a complete misting system at your home or commercial location when you purchase your outdoor water misting equipment from our Web store. We carry the best misting systems for sale online in terms of quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Shop around, then come back to us when you want to save on our best water cooling systems.

How To Estimate The Water Usage Of Misting Systems In Las Vegas

Estimating how much water your new mister will use is not a complicated process, however, it will take a minute or two of your time to determine. The four things you’ll want to give thought to when purchasing or designing your own mister include:

  • The type of nozzle you choose
  • The number of nozzles you install along the system
  • How often you use your mister
  • Your system’s water pressure

For efficient misting, low pressure systems are best for home use and high-pressure systems are better for commercial applications. The size of your system’s misting nozzle will determine how fine the mist will be as well as how much water your system will use. It’s best to check with our team from Cool-Off when selecting water misting accessories and parts or when customizing your set-up when ordering. Rest easy knowing that we’re here to help in every way when you reach out to us.

Purchasing An Efficient System

The best misting systems use the least amount of water, so if usage is a concern, we recommend not only choosing the right nozzle, but also determining the correct number of nozzles you’ll need to cool down your outdoor area. Keep in mind that more may not necessarily be better. Again, here is where our experts can really help out when choosing one of our misting systems in Las Vegas. Measure the square footage of your patio space, pool deck, or any area where you want to install cool mist and our team can crunch the numbers for you and recommend the perfect mister from our stock.

Misting System Water Usage At Home

The average home uses between 120,000 – 182,000 gallons of water per year, while a Cool-Off misting system, in comparison, uses only about 500 gallons of water in the same year. You can see the dramatic difference between your total home water usage and that of one of our misting systems in Las Vegas. Even if you use your mister on a daily basis, the water usage will remain relatively low compared with what your family is using throughout a 12 month time-frame,

In case you thought that using water to stay cool was a waste of resources, consider the additional fact that staying cool and comfortable under water mist costs far less than using your residential air conditioning system. Beat the heat this summer by turning off your A/C and spending time in your outdoor space with your own personal mister.

misting systems Las Vegas

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