Iowa Geothermal Contractor

Iowa Geothermal Contractor

Installing a geothermal system is one of the best ways to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Geothermal systems turn yards into power plants and use energy in more energy-efficient ways than conventional heating and cooling systems. As a result, the government has offered geothermal tax incentives and rebates. This has seen many inexperienced geothermal contractors enter the market, hoping to benefit from the incentives. Avoid falling victim to inexperienced geothermal contractors in Iowa. Here are some questions to ask your geothermal contractor before hiring them.

How long has your company been certified to provide geothermal services?

Excellent geothermal contractors should be experienced and provide proof of their certification before installation. Consider working with a contractor who has been in the industry for many years. In addition, the contractor should provide examples of their past projects. They should also provide before and after data to show savings on heating and cooling costs. Excellent geothermal contractors may even provide references so you can interview past clients and inquire about their experiences with the contractor. Talk to the contractor’s past clients to find out does geothermal really save money? How much more expensive is geothermal? Is geothermal cooling worth it?

Does the contractor offer warranties for geothermal systems and installation?

Excellent geothermal contractors offer warranties on the systems they install and associated services. Having a warranty is one of the most critical aspects of geothermal contracting because they protect you in case of glitches. Take note of the factors covered by the warranty. Some geothermal contractors offer warranties covering the parts but not the associated services such as labor or repair. Other contractors offer warranties that cover both parts and associated services. Be sure to understand what comes with your warranty. Excellent geothermal contractors offer comprehensive warranties and support policies.

Like any other type of warranty, it is essential to understand the warranty’s validity period. Some geothermal contractors offer lifetime warranties. However, such a warranty does not necessarily include the entire life of your geothermal system. In such cases, be sure to verify the length of the warranty. Although the warranty length is essential, what is critical is the warranty coverage. Excellent geothermal contractors will include the refrigerant, excavating, and air handler in the warranty.

Who will install the ground loop?

Consider working with a geothermal contractor who handles all aspects of your geothermal system, including installing the ground loop outside. Some geothermal contractors outsource installing the outside ground loop to third parties. Subcontracting the outside loop installation could indicate that the contractor is inexperienced in installing specific types of loops or wants to get the job done quickly. In any case, subcontracting should raise concerns about the ground loop installation’s overall quality.

Although subcontracting the ground loop installation is not necessarily a bad thing, ensure all aspects of the subcontracted work are also included in your warranty. In addition, make sure the subcontracted firm is certified and reputable.

Hire a geothermal contractor with a team of in-house installers and drillers. Such a contractor will have the incentive to do a good job, have excellent knowledge of the system, and provide full service after the sale. Excellent geothermal contractors should provide you with the services you need and answer all questions you may have, such as how much does a 6-ton geothermal system cost?

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Iowa Geothermal Contractor

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