Tradesman HVAC Spun Plugs


HVAC Spun Plug

Tradesman Manufacturing Offers a Versatile Spun Plug


Our HVAC Spun Plug can help HVAC companies save money on the types of plugs that you would have to carry to stop airflow in the system. Made in Canada and 100% laser cut for accuracy, our spun plug is essential when working with Tradesman’s spiral pipe.


Spun Plugs Have More Versatility That Saves You Money!

Our HVAC spun plugs can be placed on either a big end or a small end of a spiral pipe, which eliminates the need of an additional plug.


Safety First!

As part of Tradesman’s ongoing improvement on safety, our spun plugs are manufactured with NO sharp edges. This prevents you from cutting yourself when installing the plug.


Installation Instructions Available for Spun Plugs

If you have any questions on how to install the spun plug, you can find our installation instructions by clicking here. Eliminate the guesswork on your next HVAC project.


HVAC Spun Plugs are Easy to Install

With only a few screws, our HVAC Spun Plug seals the spiral pipe to stop airflow.


Spun Plugs are a Single Unit with No Additional Parts

Due to our spun plugs being produced by the spun process, the part is one whole unit instead of 2 parts like a gore locked plug.


Our Spun Plug Comes in Various Sizes

Our spun plugs can fit small end and big end spiral pipes from 4″ to 16″ sizes. 

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Why Tradesman manufacturing?


Our products are designed to mitigate liability while saving you time installing keeping more profit in your pocket!

Mitigate Backorders!

We ensure our orders are shipped to your suppliers so you can continue to run your bussiness smoothly! 

24 Hour Response

Have a question about how to install something or about a product? We get back to all inquires within 24 hrs.

Superior Products

We continually push the standard of both quality and safety. Check out our boot fittings all boots come with rolled safety edges!

Long Term Business Partners

We take deep pride in developing long term working relationships!

Working To Be Carbon Neutral

Our team works hard to minimize our carbon output and are working to be 100% carbon natural.

Supporting Canadian Steel

We support the Canadian Steel Industry and keep over 8 million lbs of steel in stock! 

Canadian Owned & Operated

Founded in 1986 we are Canadian-owned and operated!

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